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Work with me if you are experiencing

Emotional eating, binge eating and Bulimia

Ongoing cravings

Digestive issues such as bloating and constipation

Symptoms such as pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels 

Fluctuating weight


Chronic Fatigue

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy involves utilising food, dietary adjustments, lifestyle modifications, and occasionally supplements to aid individuals in achieving their unique health objectives, managing chronic conditions, or altering detrimental eating habits. While not a medical discipline per se, nutritional therapy often complements conventional medical approaches. Every recommendation is individually tailored, recognising that one size does not fit us all!

In my role as a nutritional therapist, I integrate the latest evidence-based research in nutrition and health sciences to address your specific symptoms and needs. I assist in translating scientific findings into practical dietary and lifestyle strategies tailored to your unique situation. When appropriate, I may suggest supplements or advocate for functional testing. Furthermore, I merge nutritional guidance with health coaching to dismantle any barriers which may stay in your way of progress. Additionally, I incorporate elements of yoga, such as breathing exercises and mindfulness, to foster holistic well-being.

Fresh Green Dip
Fresh Green Dip

Based on my professional and personal experience, I understand that shifting behaviour patterns and embracing a new approach to wellness requires time and dedication. That's why my personalised one-to-one consultations are structured around transformative wellbeing programs spanning between 12 to 16 weeks. Our sessions—whether it's 4, 8, or 12 meetings—are tailored to suit your needs, with pricing starting from 450 GBP for a 12-week program.

Throughout our time together, my aim is to empower you to reframe your relationship with food. I want you to feel inspired, find fulfilment and nourishment in the changes you make, without feeling that you are forced on to restrictive or uninspiring diets. In fact, dieting isn't part of any of my programs.

Recognizing that individual dietary needs vary greatly, I take a personalised approach to our consultations. Together, we'll closely examine your unique circumstances, including your dietary habits, your lifestyle and your family and medical history. I'll assist you in identifying changes that align with your health objectives and vision. While I primarily focus on dietary and lifestyle adjustments to support your goals, I may also suggest supplements or functional testing where necessary. All my nutritional recommendations are grounded in the latest scientific research and tailored to your specific situation with an aim to find the root cause to your health concerns.

Acknowledging the holistic nature of human wellness—that we are body, mind, and spirit—I often integrate mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, and breathing exercises into our sessions.


Additionally, if you live in the Belper/Wirksworth/Derby area, you're welcome to join my weekly yoga sessions. You will find the current schedule here.

AJ2I3044 (1).jpg
Chopping Vegetables
Chopping Vegetables

What will you experience when working with my Nutritional Therapy Programs:

  • Initial 30-minute free exploratory call where we identify your health goals and select the most appropriate program for your needs.

  • Thorough assessment of your present health status, dietary habits, and lifestyle choices. This assessment incorporates comprehensive health questionnaires, taking into account both familial and medical histories, which I analyse prior to our initial session.

  • Tailored nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on the information gathered.

  • Individualised guidance on supplements, where needed.

  • Health coaching centred on addressing potential barriers which may stand in your way of obtaining your health goals. 

  • Ongoing email and telephone support available throughout the duration of selected program options (available for 8 and 12 session programs).

  • Development of a nutritional and lifestyle plan designed to be implemented post-program completion.

  • Except for above - the direction of our sessions together will be guided by your needs.

My goal is to guide you toward a sustainable, healthful diet and help you implement lifestyle changes that resonate with your vision of wellness. NOW is the best time to start.

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